Katong Catering: A New Kind of CPF You’re Sure to Love

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Katong Catering: A New Kind of CPF You’re Sure to Love

Katong Catering: A New Kind of CPF You’re Sure to Love

Katong Catering: A New Kind of CPF You’re Sure to Love


Singaporeans are all familiar with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) — the social security savings scheme that helps us pay for housing, save for retirement and support our healthcare needs.


Consisting of the three-pillar CPF accounts: Special Account (SA), Ordinary Account (OA) and Medisave Account (MA), these combine together like the components of a balanced meal, working together in tandem to take care of our overall financial needs.


Katong Catering’s C-P-F


Here at Katong Catering, we’ve created our own cheeky version of C-P-F — chicken, prawn and fish. Why call it C-P-F? Because these excellent sources of protein are a mandatory inclusion into our Mini Buffet C-P-F accounts —  SA-ngat Sedap, OA-riginal, and MA-ke Your Own.


SA-ngat Sedap (Mini Buffet A)


The CPF SA account is all about reaping rewards and enjoying the fruits of your labour in your old age.


Just like the CPF SA account, every delicious dish in our SA-ngat Sedap mini buffet is worth the wait. The upside, of course, is that you don’t have to wait till retirement to enjoy it! We’re sure you’ll agree when you taste the C-P-F dishes we’ve put into the SA-ngat Sedap.


Prawn Paste Chicken

Everybody’s favourite zi char fried chicken. Our prawn paste chicken is the perfect dish for celebrating a special occasion or the occasional treat. Succulent wings and drumlets marinated in a prawn paste till golden brown. Just wait till you bite through that thin and crispy golden skin and meet the tender white flesh bursting with umami flavour!


Oven-Baked Garlic Prawns

Fresh, succulent and juicy prawns oven-baked till orange for that bounce in every bite, infused with the unmistakable aroma of garlic. This is one dish that’ll have you licking your fingers to savour the taste.


Hoisin Atlantic Salmon Fillet

East meets west in this fusion dish. Fragrant and thick hoisin sauce is generously glazed over a  lightly seared fillet of pink Atlantic salmon. The sweet and sour taste of hoisin sauce pairs wonderfully with salmon’s naturally soft and flaky texture for a depth of flavours as well as the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids in every bite.


Licking your lips? Order and get a taste of the SA-ngat Sedap Mini Buffet.


OA-riginal (Mini Buffet B)


The CPF OA account is the workhorse of the group. It takes up the majority of your contributions and can be used for a variety of things like investments, insurance housing and education.


Our Mini Buffet B is OA-riginal because like the OA account, you just cannot go wrong with the versatility of the dishes in the set! No matter your preference, there’s sure to be something for you and your guests to rave over.


So, what are the C-P-F dishes in the OA-riginal set that’ll surely be crowd pleasers?


Hickory Glazed Barbeque Chicken

Saddle up because the flavours in our hickory glazed barbeque chicken are sure to set you off! If you’re a fan of barbeque flavours you’ll love how this dish doubles up on the smoky aroma with tangy hickory sauce glazed over juicy slow-grilled chicken. Don’t miss out!


Mala Grilled White Fish

Whether you’re a fan of mala or not, you can’t deny that this Sichuan spice mix packs a powerful flavour and punch you won’t find anywhere else. The neutral taste of grilled white fish is the perfect vehicle to absorb all that mala spice and get that all-important spicy kick in every bite!


Honey Mayonnaise Prawns

Big juicy, prawns deshelled for your convenience and coated with creamy honey mayonnaise. Guaranteed to be zesty and mouthwateringly addictive.


Want to be sure the food at your next event is a hit? You can’t go wrong when you order the OA-original Mini Buffet


MA-ke Your Own (Mini Buffet C)


The CPF MA account is all about supporting your healthcare needs before and during your golden years — but you have the greatest ability to influence your overall wellbeing and reduce healthcare costs by making smart, healthier choices!


That’s why we provide the MA-ke Your Own Mini Buffet to put you in control of what dishes you would like to see. You’ll be able to choose from your pick of well-balanced meals, or choose something rich and balance it with several lighter dishes. After all, eating healthy is easy only if you enjoy what you eat. Check out some of these C-P-F dishes that are available when you MA-ke Your Own mini buffet.


Curry Chicken

So savoury, so lemak! Curry chicken is the ultimate comfort food that is sure to take you down memory lane on the first bite. Yummy and creamy gravy goodness, flaky golden potatoes and soft tender chicken meat infused with curry paste. Ladle a spoonful over rice or dip with bread, the choice is yours!


Prawns in Chilli Crab Sauce

We all love chilli crab but hate the hassle of cracking the shell to get to the meat inside. With prawns, you get a more convenient experience but still get to enjoy coating the plump, juicy meat with that oh so sweet-and-savoury gravy we know and love. Don’t forget to lick your fingers after!


Baked Fish with Thai Sauce

Thai food lovers rejoice! This healthier reinvention of Pla Ma Nao is sure to satisfy the taste buds of even the strictest Thai connoisseur. Flaky white finish covered with signature Thai sauce that perfectly encapsulates all the salty, sweet, sour and spicy notes of Thai cuisine. 


Order our MA-ke Your Own Mini Buffet and start customising your own dishes.


Add C-P-F Mini Buffets to Your Next Event!


At the start of this article, we talked about how the three CPF accounts help make up a balanced meal. Like the CPF, Katong Catering’s C-P-F mini buffets are also created to be well-balanced with your health in mind! Whether you choose the SA-ngat Sedap, OA-riginal or MA-ke Your Own, you’ll have plenty of vegetables, staple carbs, and desserts to go with your protein.


Delight your guests and treat them to a delicious and healthy spread! Place your orders for the SA-ngat Sedap, OA-riginal or MA-ke Your Own mini buffets for your next event at katongcatering.com.sg/products/mini-buffet today!