Must-have Chinese New Year Eats by Katong Catering

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Must-have Chinese New Year Eats by Katong Catering

Must-have Chinese New Year Eats by Katong Catering

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This festive season, treat your guests and loved ones to a delicious spread with our sumptuous Chinese New Year menu — with a large variety of dishes served in Bentos, Festive sets and Mini buffets, there’s something for any type of gathering.

Here at Katong Catering, we’ve specially prepared a CNY menu full of dishes you’ll love for their taste and association with abundance, luck and prosperity. Whether you order a bento or a festive set, we’ll include some complimentary goodies to add to your festive cheer! 

But we know you’re really looking forward to — the food. Here are some of the dishes you can look forward to when you order from our CNY sets!

Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone and Smoked Salmon

What’s CNY without Yu Sheng? Not only is it fun to toss, it’s also delicious and symbolic of good luck, health and an auspicious year. 

Our Yu Sheng includes delectable abalone and aromatic slices of smoked salmon. Abalone and Yu Sheng are a classic pairing, which is why we’ve included it in ours for its distinct flavour and symbolism with wealth in Chinese culture. Double the “yu” for double the abundance throughout the year!

The Prosperity Yu Sheng comes included with our festive sets, but can be purchased ala carte if you desire.

Braised Ten Head with Fish Maw and Japanese Mushrooms

We’ve already talked about the symbolism of abalone in our Yu Sheng, but for the purists out there who want to enjoy abalone as the star of the main dish with fewer accompanying ingredients — this is for you.

Our braised 10-head abalone is slow-cooked to infuse with the fragrant gravy and bring out its umami taste. Served with the abalone is collagen-rich fish maw for its chewy texture and meaty Japanese mushrooms. Perfect for ushering in good fortune in a tasteful way!

Want a taste? Get this dish in our festive sets or bento sets.

Deshelled Prawns in Chilli Crab Sauce and Mantous

Love chilli crab but hate the hassle of peeling shells? We’ve got just the solution! 

With our deshelled prawns in chilli crab sauce, you get to enjoy the best part of chilli crab — the satisfying sweet yet savoury sauce with the springy texture of fresh prawns. No need to work to enjoy your meal! Of course, no chilli crab dish is complete without mantous to soak up the savoury sauce, so we’ve included a generous amount with the dish.  

Did you know that prawns are pronounced as “har” in Cantonese? Eating prawns during CNY is said to fill you with happiness and laughter, so enjoy this dish and add a dose of happiness to your new year!

The joy and happiness of prawns of chilli crab is available in our festive sets or bento sets.

Bak Kwa Fried Chicken

Our speciality creation — fried boneless chicken coated in a rich deep-brown sauce that evokes the smokey taste of bak kwa. We guarantee your taste buds will fall in love with the heavenly blend of juicy chicken and salty-sweet sauce!

Bak kwa is “long yoke” in Cantonese which means good fortune, while a whole chicken represents family togetherness. So order our bak kwa fried chicken and enjoy it as a family to create good memories and bring good luck for the rest of the year!

This dish is available in our festive sets or bento sets.

Custom Menus Available

We know how frustrating it is to look at a fixed catering menu and be stuck with a dish you might not like — that’s why we’re offering a customisable festive set called “Have It Your Way”!. Pick the dishes featured in this article and more from just $28.80 per pax (minimum of 15 pax). And to sweeten the deal, we’re including a complimentary gift hamper with every purchase of any of our festive sets!

Individually packed affordable and premium CNY Bentos are also available so you and your guests can dine safely at any food budget. We’re also throwing in a complimentary fortune cookie for each Bento set you buy, so everyone can have fun reading their fortune for the new year.

This Chinese New Year, strengthen family ties and bond in the best way possible — by enjoying delicious food together! With Katong Catering, you don’t have to worry about preparation, just order, sit back and relax while we take care of the rest. From our family to yours, have a very Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous 2021 ahead!