5 Ways to Ensure Your Christmas Party Doesn't Suck

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Christmas Party Doesn't Suck

5 Ways to Ensure Your Christmas Party Doesn't Suck


Credit: Mel Poole Via Unsplash

Whether we admit it or not, planning a holiday party can be stressful. And we’ve all been to a boring party at some point, wondering how long to stay before it is polite to leave. If you’re hosting a Christmas party and feeling overwhelmed by all the prep — don’t fret, we’ve got five foolproof tips for you to follow to ensure your Christmas party doesn’t suck.

Tip #1 Christmas Decoration Essentials

A Christmas party isn’t a Christmas party if it doesn’t look like one. First impressions count, so make sure your party is a hit with these decoration essentials.

Christmas Tree

Do we really need to say it? It’s not Christmas without a Christmas tree. Make sure it is decked out with a strong tree stand and an eye-catching topper. For bonus points, choose a colour theme for your ornaments to really tie the look together.

Wreaths, Stockings and Garlands

Your walls will look plain in comparison if all you have is just a Christmas tree in a corner. Add wreaths to dress up your door, and add a dash of Christmas colour onto your plain walls with stockings or garlands.

Mini-figurines, Scented Candles and Poinsettias

Coffee table looking a little drab? Add tiny santa and reindeer figurines for a tiny conversation starter. Scented candles don’t just come in pretty colours and jars, they’ll please your sense of smell too. Finally, if you want something a little more natural, a bouquet or Poinsettias in a jar easily fits the festive theme.

Tip #2 Christmas Food Essentials

Who doesn’t love to eat? No festive party is complete without these traditional Christmas foods.

Roast Turkey

You could spend the entire day preparing this yourself or you could take the convenient route and order it from your local caterer, supermarket or restaurant. Either way, there’s no other bird that is as synonymous with Christmas. 

Log Cake

If you’re asking why you need a log cake for Christmas, our answer is “how can you not?”. Log cakes don’t just add to the Christmas spirit with their festive decorations, there’s nothing like a satisfyingly sweet dessert after a scrumptious meal.

Festive Catering Bundles

Who doesn’t love it when things are convenient? Why scramble around the supermarket to meet your Christmas food shopping list, when you can just cater instead? 

Katong Catering’s festive sets feature up to 7 or 8 courses of both local and Christmas favourites. Featuring festive dishes like Christmas cold cuts, log cakes, creamy truffle prawns and panko-crusted maple salmon. Asian favourites like stir-fry broccoli in oyster sauce are also available for any fussy non-western eaters in your family.

Check out the mini festive sets at https://bit.ly/3hepwyN, available for ordering until 1st January 2021.

Tip #3 Prepare Thoughtful Presents

Last-minute shopping and don’t know what to buy? These presents are a great buy to show your thoughtful side.

Power Bank

With all our gadgets these days, it is inevitable that we forget to charge one. Power banks are readily available and your recipient will always have a use for it.

Amazon/Lazada/Shopee Gift Card

Is your recipient a shopaholic? Gift cards on their favourite platform arrive instantly, and are a great way to give them endless options to buy something on their own time.

Tip #4 Receive Your Guests Warmly

Up til now all we’ve been talking about are the physical elements of a great Christmas party. But don’t neglect the human element! Your home can be decorated in Christmas cheer all you want, but it’s all for nothing if you come off as cold as distant.

Greet your guests at the door warmly with a hug, and be sure to make them feel like you’re happy to see them. Have drinks and cookies ready for them once they step inside, and decorate your furniture with plenty of throws and cushions to up the comfort level.

Tip #5 Enjoy Your Time with Loved Ones

At the end of it all, Christmas spirit is about opening your heart and sharing time with loved ones. And with 2020 being such a long and tough year, reconnecting and bonding with your closest friends and family has even more meaning than before.

This Christmas, make your party truly special by being in the moment. Appreciate every minute spent with the company you’ve invited. Because the final ingredient for a great Christmas party is the warmth and love we have for each other.