Buffet Lunch / Buffet Dinner Menu


  1. Prawn Fritters With Chilli Yogurt / Cereal Prawns With Curry Leaves /
    Sambal Prawns With Brinjal
  2. Baked Chicken With Sambal / Curry Chicken With French Loaves /
    Stewed Chicken with Chestnut & Chinese Mushroom
  3. Mackerel Curry Fish / Sushi Platter /
    Sliced Fish With (Sweet & Sour Sauce / Tartar Sauce)
  4. Stew Beef With Potatoes / Black Pepper Duck /
    Satay (Chicken/Beef/Mutton) With Ketupat
  5. Claypot Tofu With Vegetables / Broccoli With Mixed Vegetables /
    Stir Fry Vegetables & Mushroom
  6. (Yam / Pumpkin) Rice With Dried Shrimp / Sing Chow Bee Hoon /
    Butter Rice With Raisin / Hong Kong Style Noodles
  7. Mackerel Otah / Beancurd Prawn Roll
  8. Spongy Sotong Nuggets With Thai Sauce / Slice Smoked Duck with Salsa
  9. Ice Jelly with Fruit Cocktail / Bubur ChaCha (Hot/Cold) /
    Homemade Red Bean Soup With Lotus Seed
  10. Blackcurrant Juice / Peach Tea / Fruit Punch

1 Table With Cloth S$8.00/each
Stools S$0.80/each

We Provide You With The Following: -
Complete Buffet Layout with Tables, Table Cloth & Skirting.
Disposable Plates, Forks, Spoons, Cups & Serviettes.
Food Best Consumed Within 4 Hours Upon Delivery.
For Catering Below 60 Persons – Transport Charge S$40.00

The above menu is NOT APPLICABLE during festive seasons.
Please call or fax us direct if your function's date is in less than 5 working days.

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